Sunday, 7th February, 2010, Save The Badger held their first public meeting at Miskin Manor Hotel, nr. Llantrisant Among those who attended were representatives from South & West Wales Wildlife Trust, Badger Trust Cymru, Pembrokeshire Against the Cull, Viva, a number of badger groups and, we are also pleased to say, many members of the public who'd never previously been involved in the campaign. The meeting was covered by both the ITV and BBC Wales main news and many newsapers and magazines – including various farming publications.

(Photo BBC News)

Monday, 8th, March, 2010, Save The Badger 's first public rally took place outside the Welsh Assembly Government Senedd building in Cardiff. Around 300 attended the event. Among those there on the day were representatives from South & West Wales Wildlife Trust, Badger Trust Cymru, Pembrokeshire Against the Cull, Secret World, Wales Against Animal Cruelty, Viva, Action For Animals, badger groups from Wales and England, and many members of the public. The event was covered by BBC and ITV news, the Western Mail, and South Wales Echo. As the event began, a message of support from Brian May was read out to the appreciative audience – his message can now be found below in the About This Site section of this and all of our pages. As we had planned, after the speeches, everyone formed a large semi-circle facing the Senedd building and we all stood in silence with our fingers in our ears to symbolise the fact that WAG are refusing to listen to the large amount of scientists, conservationists, and people of Wales, all opposed to their plan to slaughter thousands of badgers. Everyone at Save The Badger, and those we talked to later, all felt the power in this symbolic act of protest – we are all very grateful to Brian, and all of you who came along to the rally to show your opposition to WAG's policy. Diolch yn fawr. For some of the media reaction to the event please click on the images below.

(Photo BBC News)

A number of people,who couldn't be present, have asked to see photograph's of the event. So, for all those who would like to get a flavour of the day's proceedings we've created two galleries with slide shows, of photograph's taken by Save The Badger supporters Gareth Bunt, and Dave Jones. Pleace click on the photographs below to their gallery pages.

(Photographs by Gareth Blunt))

(Photographs by Dave Jones)






With the Welsh Assembly Government declaring that they intend carrying out the mass slaughter of Badgers within the next few months, time is of the essence. All those who oppose their actions need to start talking to each other. We need to join together. We need to plan a a coordinated response. And, we need to do that now!

Save The Badger was set up as an umbrella group to coordinate the campaign against the Welsh Assembly Government's plan to slaughter badgers by the thousand in Wales in early 2010. It will of course also fight any similar plans by the Westminster government or any of the other devolved powers in the UK.

Please take the time to look through the pages on our site.

 We will try to bring you any up to date information and news which is of particular relevance – if you want more general information, please go to one of the other sites where you will find a lot of background information.

We will also periodically feature the views and opinions of prominent individuals who oppose the WAG decision. We begin with a piece by Welsh writer and environmental activist, John Evans. This is a must read!

Don't forget, we want to hear your news, and we also want you views. We must unite together to fight this premeditated act of barbarity.

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"The evidence is that a badger cull on a scale or level of efficiency that seems feasible will not solve cattle farmers' problem – that problem is truly serious. Understandably, the feeling is that something must be done, but the evidence is that it should not be a badger cull." Sir David Attenborough

“We must not make badgers scapegoats for bovine TB”. Joanna Lumley

"I say no to this or any other badger cull and I urge all caring people to do the same. Get rid of ignorance, not badgers.” Benjamin Zephaniah












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