Save The Badger are a volunteer based organisation. None of our members get paid for work or expenses. All cost and bills we incur are paid for out of our own pockets. We do not fundraise or accept donations –  we are just glad to help in the campaign to save badgers. As you are probably aware, there are numerous organisations – some of them large, with their various admintrative staff and costs etc. –  who do ask for donations from the public but we feel that money is best spent in directly caring for the welfare of badgers

However, there is one organisation which works very closely with badgers in ways which we admire and whose costs and needs are much greater than ours due to the enormous amount of work they undertake. We therefore would ask that everyone please support them in their work. 

Secret World – Wildlife Rescue

Secret World Wildlife Rescue specialises in the rescue, rehabilitation and eventual release of orphaned and injured wild creatures. It is run entirely on donations and runs the one of the few 24 hours wildlife rescue services in the UK. In each year approximately 4,000 wild animals are cared for by Secret World Wildlife Rescue. Together with a dedicated team of staff and volunteers, they continue to care for all manner of creatures, from the tiniest harvest mice and bats to badgers, swans, foxes, deer and of course otters.

Secret World, and in particular Pauline Kidner, were very active in the campaign to save the lives of badgers in Wales, and we are grateful to everyone at Secret World for their support and the work they do rescuing, caring, and rahabilitating badgers of all ages. We ask all our supporters, and everyone who is able, to please click the Secret World logo below to go to their website to make a contribution. We thank you, in anticipation of your support.


If you are a member of an organisation who also has a similar history of close involvement and work with badgers, then please contacts us and we'd be happy to consider you for this page.

We also appreciate that many of you represent other wildlife and animal welfare organisations who work very hard, often with little funds, and you have also given much needed support to this campaign, so although this website is focussed on badgers and in particular fighting against a government policy to exterminate them in very large numbers, we'd be happy to also consider your organisation for this page.

Our thanks to you all.




With the Welsh Assembly Government declaring that they intend carrying out the mass slaughter of Badgers within the next few months, time is of the essence. All those who oppose their actions need to start talking to each other. We need to join together. We need to plan a a coordinated response. And, we need to do that now!

Save The Badger was set up as an umbrella group to coordinate the campaign against the Welsh Assembly Government's plan to slaughter badgers by the thousand in Wales in early 2010. It will of course also fight any similar plans by the Westminster government or any of the other devolved powers in the UK.

Please take the time to look through the pages on our site.

 We will try to bring you any up to date information and news which is of particular relevance – if you want more general information, please go to one of the other sites where you will find a lot of background information.

We will also periodically feature the views and opinions of prominent individuals who oppose the WAG decision. We begin with a piece by Welsh writer and environmental activist, John Evans. This is a must read!

Don't forget, we want to hear your news, and we also want you views. We must unite together to fight this premeditated act of barbarity.

Please contact us by clicking the link at the side of the page.

"The evidence is that a badger cull on a scale or level of efficiency that seems feasible will not solve cattle farmers' problem – that problem is truly serious. Understandably, the feeling is that something must be done, but the evidence is that it should not be a badger cull." Sir David Attenborough

“We must not make badgers scapegoats for bovine TB”. Joanna Lumley

"I say no to this or any other badger cull and I urge all caring people to do the same. Get rid of ignorance, not badgers.” Benjamin Zephaniah






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