Sett Surveying

Save The Badger have known for some time due to an anonymous tip-off from a member of staff, but those details, alleging that a particular company had decided to accept the highly controversial job of carrying out the sett surveying, are now out in the public domain. Thomson Ecology, who describe themselves as the "UK's leading ecological consultants" have apparently decided to risk the good working relationship they previously had with various wildlife organisations, and have instead chosen to take the money on offer from the Welsh Assembly Government to assist with their five-year plan to slaughter badgers. "Ecology"!?

WAG wrote to landowners in the "cull area" on 16th April, 2010. Their letter reads:"Contractors working on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government will continue to survey the area for badger activity… The Tuberculosis Eradication (Wales) Order 2009 allows authorised persons the power to enter any premises, except a dwelling house, in connection with treating badgers with vaccine or destroying badgers...Contractors acting on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government will carry official photographic identification and certificates of authorisation. Subject to badger setts being identified on your land, contractors undertaking the containment and despatch of badgers will contact you directly before they commence trapping. We will begin once the Badger Sett Survey is complete, final delivery arrangements are in place, and we have taken advice from wildlife experts on when the closed season ends."

The contractors undertaking the sett surveying drive Land Rovers – usually, unmarked, white, long wheelbase, 110's, with a light on top. The vehicle registrations are blocked by WAG 'for security reasons". Their passes quote the Official Secrets Act.

Cull Zone

The Welsh Assemby Government are unwilling to provide the precise boundaries of their kill zone. However, on 1st May, 2010, the following information is beieved to be accurate: "The southern boundary of the cull area passes about two miles north of Glandwr. It does not include Efailwen as previously thought. It does however include Carn Ingli Common and some of the Gwaun Valley. The western boundary is precisely located at Pen-lan Uchaf Gardens – where a sett survey vehicle was sighted last week. The Assembly is now including at least two farms in the cull area north of the river Teifi – in complete disregard of scientific advice, and contrary to statements by the Chief Vet that the area would be bounded by major rivers. These farms are Coedmore (opposite Cilgerran Castle), and Hafod (2km downstream from Llechryd)." (Cull Watch)

The "Cull"

When the sett survying has been completed, food (peanuts) will be left out for badgers until they are are sufficently confident to enter the execution cages. Once trapped, they will be left overnight until the executioner arrives to shoot them in the head. Many young cubs will starve underground. The green fields of Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion will be stained red with the blood of badgers.

Time and Date

The Welsh Assembly Government are again refusing to provide any information – it appears they feel the less the public know about their unscientific, unjustifiable, barbaric act, the better for them – but we estimate this massacre will begin within the next few weeks. All Assembly Minister's are due to stand for re-election in the not too distant future, so when it's time to vote, please remember those that voted for this senseless slaughter!

Cull Watch

This page will be updated when we have any new information. If you can provide us with any information, photograph's or videos, from the "cull zone", please contact us by clicking the link at the side of the page. Save The Badger are grateful for the hard work of those in the area who are currenly operating a cull watch. They are on the ground monitoring the situation, gathering and providing as much information as possible. They also need your help, so if you can provide them with any information or wish to help with their work, please click on the Animal Aid logo at the side of the page to go to their web page.

Laws, Codes of Conduct & Protest

It is the policy of Save The Badger that all our members act in full accordance with the law and all protests should remain peaceful and non-violent. We ask everyone else to please also behave in the same manner. Remember, it is illegal to threaten or harrass people as they go about their work, no matter if you disagree with what they are doing. We also will not tolerate anyone who contacts individuals, companies, or organisations involved in implementing WAG's badger "cull" and behaves inappropriately. Please respect and follow the example of the many people who have given much time and resources to this campaign and who have always behaved within the law. Any individual, group or organisation, found to be behaving inappropriately or outside the law will not be tolerated. As a result of the hard work of many, we have received much support from the general public and even from some of those who you might imagine are "on the other side". We want a campaign that brings everyone together to fight against this barbaric policy; we believe that is the only way we will succeed. Together, we can make a difference.






With the Welsh Assembly Government declaring that they intend carrying out the mass slaughter of Badgers within the next few months, time is of the essence. All those who oppose their actions need to start talking to each other. We need to join together. We need to plan a a coordinated response. And, we need to do that now!

Save The Badger was set up as an umbrella group to coordinate the campaign against the Welsh Assembly Government's plan to slaughter badgers by the thousand in Wales in early 2010. It will of course also fight any similar plans by the Westminster government or any of the other devolved powers in the UK.

Please take the time to look through the pages on our site.

 We will try to bring you any up to date information and news which is of particular relevance – if you want more general information, please go to one of the other sites where you will find a lot of background information.

We will also periodically feature the views and opinions of prominent individuals who oppose the WAG decision.

Don't forget, we want to hear your news, and we also want you views. We must unite together to fight this premeditated act of barbarity.

Please contact us by clicking the link at the side of the page.

"The evidence is that a badger cull on a scale or level of efficiency that seems feasible will not solve cattle farmers' problem – that problem is truly serious. Understandably, the feeling is that something must be done, but the evidence is that it should not be a badger cull." Sir David Attenborough

“We must not make badgers scapegoats for bovine TB”. Joanna Lumley

"I say no to this or any other badger cull and I urge all caring people to do the same. Get rid of ignorance, not badgers.” Benjamin Zephaniah






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